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Free Bomb Game PowerPoints (PPTs) 

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What are Bomb Games for ESL

Bomb games are an interactive type of activity teachers can use in their English classes. 

The premise of the games is to split up the class into two halves, and each team has to get more points than the other. 

The teacher operates the PowerPoint slides, which includes a series of ESL-based questions. However, there are also "unexpected" events that can appear, which can double points for a team, halve points, or completely eliminate them all—the "bomb" to which the name of the game refers. 

Bomb games are a great way to have an exciting, fun class for young groups of students. They require little-to-no preparation, and are therefore incredibly convenient if you don't have a lesson plan made in advance. 

How to Use Bomb Game PPTs in Class

Note: Make sure to open and run through the bomb game you plan on using before class at least once. Sometimes, there are formatting issues.

In order to play a bomb game, you need to have either a large screen in front of your class or a projector to display PPTs. 

Some bomb games have different rules, in which case there will be a slide at the beginning explaining how to play. 

With your class split up into two teams, the teacher will stand in front of the class and start the slideshow. To commence the game, students will have to choose a number or letter from the initial slide. Once the game has started, students will take turns to answer a slide. Slides cycle automatically, and all that the teacher has to do is click enter after each question, tally scores, and maintain high energy throughout. 

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