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Free ESL Activity PowerPoints (PPTs) 

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What are PPT ESL Activities for ESL

Interactive ESL activities for your English classes are a simple way to make your students excited for class. They're best for younger students in a classroom setting, where you can stand in front of a projector or screen. 

Note that there are 3 types of activities on this page: Grid Games, Memory Match, and Drama Activities. 

You can see instructions for the different English PPT activities below.  

How to Use Activity PPTs in Class

Note: Make sure to open and run through any activity you plan on using before class at least once. Sometimes, there are formatting issues.

In order to play any of these games, you need to have either a large screen in front of your class or a projector to display PPTs. 

Grid Games:

Grid games, or selection games, are a great, simple activity for ESL classes. The student picks a square from the games, and has to make a sentence with the revealed item. The next student has to pick another and do the same. 

Like with ESL bomb games, unexpected events when clicking a square can cause a student to lose their points. This keeps the game interesting. 

Drama Activities:

Drama activities for ESL, also known as role-playing games, are more intensive that other activities on this page. They require more set up time as well, and have more materials to go over and prepare in advance.

You will essentially be putting on a mini-play with your class using the audio, scripts, worksheets and other resources provided.

However, they are incredibly fun and rewarding. Students can get as creative as they want when playing the characters, all while practicing their English.

Memory Match Games:

Memory match is an amazing ESL game to practice vocabulary. The goal of memory match games for students is to match pictures of objects with their names. Easy, right?

Well, not so fast...

All the squares are covered, and students must remember what pictures and words are hidden under which grid to score points. 

Note that "Memory Match Template" doesn't include any words on it. This means you will have:

1. Pick 10 vocabulary words, and randomly place them under the boxes. 

2. Find 10 corresponding images to distribute. 

See the "Animal Memory Match" for an example of a complete grid. 

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